Ace Ventura

February 4th, 1994

They always say that you gotta get started on the right foot, but what about left-footed people? Seems to me like they would be better off getting started on the left foot. Either way, this movie really gets going on the correct foot. It opens to Ace impersonating a UPS driver while delivering a package and he is really letting that package have it. Can you imagine if UPS drivers were really like that? Oh man!

So anyway, he tricks this mustached strong guy and steals his dog. Well, it's actually not his dog, it's someone else's dog and the mustached guy stole it from that person and Ace is simply trying to steal it back because he's a freaking Pet Detective. How cool is that? Anyhoo, he gets outside and is about to drive away when the mustached guy comes outside with a baseball bat and uses Ace's car as target practice. Hilarity ensues.

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